الوصول لجسم مميز في رمضلن

Secrets of losing excess weight in Ramadan

                            : Walking before breakfast
Walking for a full hour before breakfast two hours has a wonderful effect on the body and thickening, this watch is called the golden hour to burn fat because fat burn at a rate of four times. As the stock of diabetes muscle at that time is within the minimum and any muscle effort will do muscle will take Out of the greasy stock in them. But be careful not to eat after walking directly, but you have to wait for an hour before eating

  : Eat one category for breakfast
Eating a single category and non-diversification of breakfast items is very important for weight loss, especially if the meal is protein-like, such as meat or chicken, and the next day’s meal is as starchy as rice or pasta and never combined.

Do not eat more than a glass of water for breakfast
Over drinking one cup of water at breakfast will increase the digestive juices and expand the stomach. Therefore, do not eat more than a glass of water for breakfast. After this meal, drink water as you wish.

: Meal Suhour
Eating hot sorghum meal such as pomegranate, yogurt or boiled eggs with orange, dates, yogurt or cucumber with milk will increase metabolism and burn more fat.

Lemonade with Parsley: Taking lemonade with parsley daily after
Taraweeh period burns fat and raises body metabolism


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