وصفة العشاء اليوميّة

Eat this dinner daily for fast weight loss!

You suffer from excess weight and wish to get rid of the extra pounds, but hunger always stands in the way of your completeness and commitment to heat? Do not worry as we carry the best solution that will help you lighten your weight within 3 weeks to a month, without actual diet or hunger.

All you have to do is commit to the same dinner every night, at least two hours before you sleep.

Daily Dinner Recipe:

In a medium bowl, pour a cup of yoghurt and add two slices of chopped cucumber.

Eat this dinner daily, and if you feel hungry afterwards, drink a cup of yogurt but diluted with water.

For the best result, completely avoid adding salt to yogurt, and choose the latter with a completely skimmed formula or a low fat.

This type of dinner will not only provide you with the proteins necessary to build muscle and accelerate metabolism, but its composition will also help reduce the problem of hunger and facilitate digestion.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

Adhere to this diet while minimizing carbohydrates as fried and fatty foods during the day, to get rid of about 5 kilos per month!

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